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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  September 29, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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per hour. that's the ttaffic edge report. patrice, back to you. thank you, laaren. 5:30 noo on fox 45 early edition. are you waking up scratthiig and itching? if you are, there's a chance you are one of the many residents across our region with bed bugg. they have become so widesprrad in baltimore that the ity health department is holding a pubbic meeting today.3 megan gilliland is downtown where residdnts are expected to talk about what is bugging them. later thissmorning the streets at the war memorial will be infested withhcity residents wwo are concernnd aboot bed bugs. %-and will go until 1::0.n today it's the first in the series of ppblic meetings that tuck to3 about the city's response to these bed bugs. ooficials say calls to 311 concerning these creepy critters are up significannty this year. they're crawling into beds3 across our region. the invasion of bed bugs has3 -otten so bad, some tennnts are
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even suing their landlords. and one in cockeysville where a teacher there says they have invaded her apaatmenn. >> she reactee very badly to it -nd she haddbiting up and down her arms. to this day sheehas permanent scarring. >> reporter: that is why area health experts are advisingú homeownerrsand renters alike to take extra precaution. get rrd of clutter aaounn your house. they live inneeerything, from if yyu can fford it, call in an exttrminator, they will bake enough to kill off any bugs. if you have any bed bugs, you your skin will always be in a row. live from theewwr memorial this morning. megan gilliland. early morning edition. pplice were called to north culvert street near st. joseph street just before 1:30 this morningg when they arrived, they found officerssshot in the stomach.
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there's no word on is condition or a suspect in the shooting. a fist fight etween an el elementary school girl and an bus. %-student said.e baltimore city she was punched in he face bit aide yesterdaa morning while students were waiiing to get off of the school bus. she saas she was leaning out the window when the aiie told her to sit down, when she refused a fight broke out. >> he told me to sit down. i got up n his face and hh then heesays you're going to get me in mm face. i'm going to snack you. i said if you smack me, i'm going to tell my mothee and my he hit e and i started kicking ann startee to defend myself. >> the aide is notta schooll3 worker and has been susppnded the outcome of an investigation3 there's a motion hearing %-of a howard county man aacussd
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of assault and disorderly conddct. he is not taking the charges lyyng ddwn. police say they were called to a restaurant after a fight broke out. that is when police say 24 years old melvin yates assaulted them and resisted arrest. yates claims he was at aa33 memorial for his late ather at the time aad he was trying to leave the restaurant. heesays the officers beat him into unconsciousness and now e is suing theedepartment forr $50 million. doctor accused of performing an illegal abortioo in marrland that almost cost a teen her ife says he should keep his license. dr. brigham has filed a response to a compllint seeking to haveú his license revoked. he brought a teen to maryland to -inishhan abortion he started in maryland,,during the procedure serious comppicattons developed and the doctors hhd to take theú teen to a hospital.
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brigham acknowledged that he transporred the patient acrossúg anyyhing illegal. tto maryland physicians accused had their medical licensesready revoked. the statt labor deeartment removes a gloomy job's reeort %-with a more positive it the move has republican gubernatorial candidate bob possible cover up. the initial eport posted at the end of august noted a decrease in consumer spenning and said thaa the economy was stalled. within hours that poss was take3 down and replaaed. governor martin o'mallee says that the initial posting was -ever been put on the site. >> on tte campaign year there will be people that look at every piece o news to be twisted as some tort of doom or foreboding, deppnding on what side of campaign they are on.
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the governor says he didn't know about the ncident until long after ii was done. this story. %-gubernatorial candidate.the thht is coming uppin our 6:000hour. for alllthe latest on thh race for governor go to our website at, and click on the news features section. begiining today, one school to text while riding. studenns in baltimore city students using pubbic transportation to get the through textt joel d smmth is live at the program kiccoff that educators are opeful will improve joel, i'm iiterested in hearing %->> repooter: been 40,000 transportation to school. there's a problem with
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attendance and a lot of them don't like to take the bus. maybe the bus is late and who knows. now they're puttinggthe control3 on the palm of thinkkr haads. you're gging to be text 30802 and ride nd then go to hh service and tell them what the problem is witt the ride and maybe improve ii. we are told why this is a good iiea. ú%od morning. %->> repprter: why do you think thhs might work. >> the central maryland transportationnllne, ssarttd look at wwat we could do to work of transportation and get people involved to take ownership of3 the transportation itself. we par started putting that prom together and we were approached with a numberrof organizations transportation is an issue of getting the kids to school on time, can you merge the programs -ogether. >> reporter: is it too full or they don't like o be on the bus. >> the bus is passing them by
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becauue it's too full. the buses are latee the buses doo't show up. we heerd all of that. >> reporter: what happens when someone textt what happens to the actual responses. >> the responses will be ú%llected and sent to our organization and we will be reporting to the mta for an %->> reporter: if they report problems, what happens to that bus or that bus driver? knnw. we have had great cooperation ú%om the mta.3 the proof will be in the pudding. we want action, mta wants to be viewed as a summer friendly ú%rvice. we are hoping it works out. try to get them uu and ontrol this. of course, they're into the text, but ttis is available to anyone who takes any of this public transportation that includes the marc train. people ave more control over their experience.
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advantage of it..3ids will mmke the more kids in school the better. some ids here ater. talk to the impacttof concussions. >> i hit with my helmet and then ddzziness and got all black. >> the !! a astonishing numbee 3 %-schoolers and a plan to combat the problem. for today increasing cloud cover through tteeday but this is what we'reeconcerned with, tropical depression number 16 and how it will be affecting oor neighborhood.ú ffooding rains overnight tonight -nto tomorrow. -nto tomorrow. we ill let you -nto tomorrow. we ill let you activia is better than ever! hey, you guys. want to try activia's great new taste? isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. ooh, i think i'll pass. no, no, no! trust me. it is beyond tasty. mmm! wow! i can't believe it, i love it! mmm, this is really good! new best tasting activia ever! ♪ activia now you can join the fight against breast cancer
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good morring, at the eerly
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edition. meteorolooist steve fertig is hereewith the orecast. as we move into the latter -art of the point tonight and tomorrow as well. and dry for the time being. we look to the souuh and all of this tropical moisture is headed in our direction from the caribbban and the atlantic as well. image, seeing heavy downpours and talk about tropical gretion depressionnnnmber 16. tropical depression number 16 is expected to become a tropical storm according to the latest3 models and it could be nicole. we arr keeping an eye onnit. this high pressure sitting offshore and that is going to allow it to stay iiland. that means the heavy downpourr for us. look for the rainshowers to begin to mooe in the latter part of the tonight and theemorning commute tomorrow morning will be a rough ooe. we do expect to see theerain
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continuinn through tomorrow affernoon and eveniig into the evening hours especially see the red areas right around the circulatton of low pressure, this whole reddarea is where we do think we will sse the' heaviest rain at leaat right now. it depend on how quickky the frontal boundary moves west to east. somebody is going to get as much locctions thougg floodinn is some concern. as far as how mmch rain we are expecting. in the baltimore, 4 inches of rain expected here. the surrounding area, gennrally in the 2-4-inch rain. we could see areas of 5--nches of rain.3 %-in the lace.od watth innplace a flash-flood watch aal through3 9:00 tonight. that isswhen we expect the heaviest rain on tuesday. 66 degrees, the temperature will allow things are quiet. 63 in d.c. and 64 in salisbury.3 up n hagerstown, 66 degrees, and oakland 45 degrees. ú%ey''e cooler, ann we will get cooler air moving in for this weekeed afttr we dry out fooú tomorrow and things quiet down
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heavy rain expected,,75 degrees for the higg, showers lltee in the afternoon for the eaatern shore, but again, it getss3 heavier as we get oward nighttime and overnight. of the state, a coolee day today than yesterday when we got to 81. back to the west we got to 84 degrees. seasonabll temmeratures and showers move n later innthe day. thh bigger story is going to beú the rain and sooe winds haa aa3 could be strong through tomorrow afternoon, depending on how close the low pressure center comes tt us. 65 degrees foo thh high, orú rather the low temperatures,ú %-before ttmperatures bounce bak to 75 tomorrow. again the hhavy rain moving in3 overnight toniiht, 72 degrees for friday. we dry out, thingssare quieter, partly cloudy skies, 66 for saturday and 66 for sunday. mostly sunny skies for thee3 conditions and still staying cool both for monday and tuesday under pprtly cloudy skies. what is happening on the roadways now. we checkkin with the lauren cooke for the answer? she hassthe traffic edge. lauren. steve. no problems to report just yet3
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-n tte roads. we're looking at highhspeeds on3 many of the our main lines. %-nothing to get in your wayyat waarennroad where we're looking at a high 55 miles per hour -lonngthe southbound lanes. as you take a look traffic is moving along just fine. %-travel along the west sideeare from 795 to 95, it will remain clear as w as you make your way toward the parkville area. yyu're looking at an 11-minute -ide as well from 95 to 83. if you're using the northeast corriddr of 95, no problem here. here is a live llok south of 695 where you can see everything is up to speed. -hisswill remain the cass if you're traveling ttrough the you're looking at an 8-minute ride from the phot mack henry tolmchenry tunnelto the bellway. patrice, back to you. still ahead, the ravens turn their aatention to the arch3
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rivals, the piitsburgh steelers. hear frommboth coaches on sunda3 night's gamee iifell bbckwards with like dizziness and it got all black. and onds! more bold flavor! more variety! more value! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good! more than a snack.
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friday nights uuder the lights. ú% can only mean fridaa high school. those hopes could have deeper impact for the student athllte. she has more in concussion repercussion. >> reporter: the reservoir gaters take on the river hill hawkk. >> we are going to have a victory. through the gatee with fingers crossed. >> i have come to watch my grandson play ffotball. >> the spirit. >>gators. freshmen running back nnmber 21, graham bro haared. he is suitee, reedy to play again after taking a big blow to the head. -p>> i was on where the varsity was. >> reporter: hen all of aa3 sudden ttings went dark. >> i probably hht wwth my elmet aad then i fell backwards like with dizziness and it got all black. >> reporter: coachhbrian %-to the him fall down
5:48 am
>> heegot hit pretty hard and went down for a few minutes. >> reporter: bro chard goo a connussion. against the front of he skull and again bangs back. it can actually stretch the nerves and affects the organ itsell. it's just because you have a helmet it doesn'' guarannee. >> reporter: brochard did that goes into the helmets changes. >> reporter: it's not just on the grid iron. the rate of concuusion in girl's -ootball. >> she took a major hit to her head in august and is still >> the headaches lingered and i %->> reporterr allisonfrom
5:49 am
testifiee in front congress as lawmaaers investigate his growing ppobbem. high school athletes suffered an estimated 400,000 concussionss3 between 2005 and 2008. %rueename is traumatic brain >> reporter: theyywill require to train students teachers in concussion education. something, howard schools are already ushing. >> nobody wants to see a guyyget knocked down but we try to tell the kids whattthe differenne is. >> reporter: and try to protect the kids as much as possible. >> theee's preventtve measuues that you can take, headdto-head contact but during the game it'ú an issue of the sport. >> repoottr: and the violent hits get even worse ttrough high school, college and the nfl. %-school and collegiate athhete.
5:50 am
the most profound impaat we can have on these athletes so to set an example. >> reporter: john called it qqits until doctors warneddhim >> don't think it's theúies. cuuture of competing that we have to curve, as much as we curve the cclttre f how we manage head injuriess >> it'' no longee recommended thhttyou have to wake everyonee3 on thh hour every hour, to make sure that hey are okay. actually sleep is a good waa to iiprove and a concussion to recover. >> a second coocussion or even multiple concussions can cause longer acting symptoms as well as even permanent brain dammge and in really rare incidents %->> reporter: for brochard his head is back in thh game. >> i'm hoping to make it into
5:51 am
senioo year, and we will see what happens after that for college. >> repooter: the impact of another hit ould changeehis life. >> megan gilliland. fox 45 morning news..3 dozenssof ormer and uurent nfl players hhve agreed to -onate their brains after their death. they hope to help research on brain innuries. raven center matt burn is one of those makiig the donaaion. and now there's hybrid waterrs heaters. how long it will take before you start seeing the savingss and next it's steelers weee. hear from john ♪
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od morning, everybody. here is your first look aa sports. the ravens were resting yesterday. their only day off this week,
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it's steelers week and you know what that means.ú things are going to get deed serious especially for the renew renewal of this rivally. without their biggest player. roethlisberger hey are 3-0. that kind of surprisee a lot of people. john harbaugh was not among them. he reminds us thatthe has been saying all along that the steelers were not to be overlookkd. >> this is darn good foot fall -eam. they have great defense, and they have a great running game. their specialty is much improved. we are not urprised they're 3-0. >> they desire to play he game ú%e way we want to play the ball. they bring thh best out in us. we love playing agginst them. regardless of what happens inn3 the stadium, you are going to know more about yourself after having played the baltimore ravens. >> you can expect the same from
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the steelers, coach mike tom lynn says he will remain his ú%arting quarterback. ú%e 33 years old backup has thrown 3 ouchdowns and three interceptions against the ravens of all tiie. this starts the 3rd wwek of the roethlisberger suspension. -owson university will sphwroa %-he replaces mark hermann whod. resigned this summer. sad news from the racing newss real quiet, who barely won a triple crown, trained by bob a real quiet one in the preakness and missed outtbecoming the 12th triple crown winner when he was snnpped at the finish by victory gallop. he earned over $18 million. real quiet diid at a ffrm
5:56 am
ú%tsidd of hhrrisburg. there's more, rach ra rachal alexxnder. she had 13 wins and 19 starts, earned $3.5 million. the horse of theeyear in '09, she will be bred to curling. it's time of the high school contest. -ou can vote for the game.3 and go to and clickkon the high school of theú week. make ou will see your game on friday night. eassern tech and overly inú baltimore county football, south carroll at centuryy carroll county ootball and girlls soccer will announce the wiiner tomorrow night. that is your morniig sports. i'm ruce cunningham foxx45 morning news. no matter where you're from, we'reelooking for all you ravens ffns toosend us ppotos showing off your purpll pride.
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go to and click -n the community featuress3 section. cominggup in our 6:00 hour governor o'malley turns to the president for help with his ú%-election cammaign. thh adio ad the president >are you waking up itching ann scratching? you could have bed bugs, theyú are i vadii invading homes acror region. i'm megan gilliland..3 hhw to get rid of the creepy critters coming up. school where the officials are
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now on fox 45 morning newsle. >> thht is very disturring we can't protect your chhld. >> don't let thh bed bugs bite. -ust how bad the problem is getting in maryland. >> it didn't ook anything like ú%at. dooble check your morning toost. what one man found baked into his bread. and race your ride, the new -- rate your ride, the new way to keep tabs on public transpprtation.


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